About the company

Ekvator LD Ltd founded in 2007 and now we have become one of the major Ukrainian wholesaling companies. We are selling all around the Ukraine with customers in all classes of trade: mass, drug, specialty, all kinds of retailing supermarkets. Head office of our company located in Donetsk but we have representatives and merchandising staff almost in all parts of Ukraine.

We are really treat new producers and suppliers seriously. The choice of the brand and supplier is rather serious decision for us because of the specific character of Ukrainian market. Before the decision-making we usually make marketing research in the field of the goods we choosing, we also study all the prices and trade networks of the alternative competitors.

But when the decision already made we take upon our self the great responsibility for the presentation, advertising, advancement and promotion of the brand in Ukraine. Almost all the point of-sale terminals have regular advertising campaigns. We are training retail staff and wholesale staff. When we investing in a new brand, we share and overcome all the presales obstacles with our supplier or producer.


Our brands